Dr. Francene Gayle provides patients with better care taking advantage of the family environment

For many years, home care was the only form of medical assistance. The first hospitals, run mostly by religious orders, provided their services exclusively to homeless or abandoned people.
Thanks to the development of diagnostic techniques and treatments, this dynamic changed. Currently, clinics and hospitals are places par excellence for the care of patients and their needs. Being a family doctor, internist, or general, the first specialist that receives you when you go to one of these care centers.
Dr. Francene gayle provides patients with better care, taking advantage of the fact that the family environment plays a leading role from an emotional point of view, but without neglecting the responsibility of continuous care on the part of the health provider.
Establishes better communication with the family of patients. You get additional information at home for better diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Francene Gayle involves the sick person and their relatives in decision-making during treatment, depending on the diagnosis, prioritizing the patient’s autonomy.

Evaluate the needs of each patient

Each patient is unique and requires a care plan adapted and prepared,considering her specific needs. Having a comprehensive care service like that of Dr. Francene Gayle allows for speeding up patients’ recovery after surgery. Still, it is also key to improving the lives of the elderly or chronic patients, avoiding inconveniences associated with long hospital stays.
Provides comprehensive care that covers all the patient’s therapeutic needs and pays attention to her emotional health. As a family medicine specialist, he studies each patient’s needs to develop a personalized and fully tailored care plan.

Get to improve life expectancy

Along with her medical care, Dr. Francene gayle also performs important patient accompanying work. Listening to them is essential to offer personalized attention andcare for their emotional health. Feeling heard and cared for is an important psychological support for these patients.
Medical advances, especially those related to the timely diagnosis and treatment of different diseases, have increased the life expectancy of the general population, which has allowed us to live more years by increasing the population of older adults.