Dr. Michael Hilton – Fulfilling the Responsibility of Saving Lives

Your job is to save lives—and you love it. Emergency medicine doctors are on call 24/7 to respond to any emergency. You may specialize in a specific area, such as pediatrics or trauma surgery, or you might be called on to handle all sorts of medical emergencies, including cardiac arrests, strokes and gunshot wounds. Emergency medicine doctors like Dr Michael Hilton have broad education and diverse backgrounds—they’re not just experts in trauma care; they could also operate on children or perform brain scans to diagnose disorders like epilepsy.

They are Emergency Medicine physicians who treat patients of all ages and medical backgrounds in emergency and urgent care settings. They are trained clinicians who specialize in emergency medicine, pediatrics, and trauma and critical care. Emergency Medicine is about life and death. A patient could come in with an allergic reaction, a heart attack, or a gunshot wound. It’s your job to save them.

Saving Lives a Priority

For emergency medicine doctors, providing top-notch care is a calling. It’s what they live for and love doing, every day of their lives. Emergency medicine doctors treat acute medical problems. They work in emergency rooms and other areas of the hospital, assisting doctors in general medicine, surgery and many allied disciplines. They are doctors who specialize in the care of patients whose illness or injury requires urgent medical treatment. They provide initial evaluation, continuous monitoring and treatment for these patients.

The emergency medicine doctor is responsible for assessing and treating patients who suffer from conditions ranging from minor lacerations and sprains to life-threatening emergencies. A physician specializing in emergency medicine has extensive training in the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of acute illnesses, but many also provide primary care services. If you’re facing a medical emergency, you can rely on emergency medicine Dr Michael Hilton to help. These doctors are trained to respond quickly and correctly in an emergency situation, such as car accidents and heart attacks. Most emergency medicine doctors will work in hospitals and doctor’s offices. They may also work for ambulance services, fire departments or national guard units.