Dr. Philip Sobash offers non-surgical treatments and is a specialist in treating systemic diseases

The approximately eleven years of studies in clinical sciences, he turned the internist into a specialist doctor with experience and capacity for the timely diagnosis and treatment of almost any disease that afflicts and sometimes threatens the life of adults.
Internal medicine specialists have approximately seven years of medical-surgeon career to enter the internal medicine specialization program of approximately four years, where they receive intensive training in the hospital area and external consultation for the care and treatment of complex diseases of the adult.
Dr. Philip Sobash has a highly qualified internal medicine team that will respond adequately to any medical contingency, urgent or not, that is entrusted to them by other specialists or that they attend from the beginning.
It offers non-surgical treatments and is also a specialist in treating systemic diseases. Systemic diseases are diseases that, instead of affecting a specific organ, generally affect the entire human body or a group of organs, which need to be supervised and treated. Correctly can cause complications for the patient.

He treats different pathologies

Dr. Philip Sobash, a specialist in internal medicine, comprehensively covers health problems in adult patients admitted to a hospital or outpatient center. Generally, primary care physicians and other specialists resort to the evaluations carried out by internists.
Dr. Philip Sobash treats different medical pathologies as an internist, including cardiology, endocrinology, infectious diseases, gastroenterology, pulmonology, etc. He coordinates with the rest of the specialists to obtain an accurate diagnosis and start the corresponding treatment.

He performs extensive examinations

Internists can practice in general internal medicine, have complementary training, or subspecialize in a specific area of internal medicine. Sub-specialization allows specific training areas in emergencies, hepatology, or infectious diseases.
The internist is the most indicated for diagnosing and treating infectious diseases. Some of these diseases are very common and, therefore, easy to diagnose. However, there are cases in which the diagnosis is difficult due to presenting very non-specific manifestations. Examining an internist doctor like Dr. Philip Sobash is crucial in these cases.