Improve Your Golf & Tennis Skills By Dr Eugene Kramer

A solid foundation in proper technique is essential to developing your game, the best way to learn proper technique is through instruction, but many people shy away from this because they think it’s difficult and boring
Fortunately, there are many ways you can learn how to improve your golf and tennis skills without taking lessons or hiring a coach.
First of all, take the time even if it’s just 10 minutes to watch videos that show how certain shots should be performed by professionals. This will give you an idea of what good form looks like and help guide your own practice sessions so they’re more effective at improving your game.
Second, try out some online training programs such as those offered by Tennis Lessons Online or Golf Lessons Online; these programs offer everything from instructional videos for beginners up through advanced tips for pros.
Whether this means joining an adult league at the local park district gymnasium where everyone plays doubles together every Tuesday night after work or finding another student somewhere else who wants some extra coaching help.
Focus On Posture And Balance
In golf and tennis, posture is a key component of your success. According to Dr Eugene Kramer, a good posture will help you play better and reduce the risk of injury. In both sports, a good stance and balance are essential for hitting the ball as far as possible.
In golf, it’s important to stand tall with feet shoulder-width apart when addressing your ball before every shot. This allows you to keep your head down over the ball while swinging without losing balance or falling over when making contact with it.
Improving your balance will also help ensure that all parts of your body are working together on each swing so that they don’t get tired too quickly and prevent injuries like muscle strains.
Dr Eugene Kramer In tennis, there are several different ways players can hold their racquets depending upon their preferred style: one hand on top; two hands on top; backhand grip; forehand grip one hand above.
Regardless which style works best for an individual player’s comfort level/skill level combination though there still needs to be some sort of movement going through their entire body during every stroke taken off either foot.