Marty Nothstein: Turning Around The Valley Preferred Cycling Center

The Valley Preferred Cycling Center, located in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, is a world-renowned facility for track cycling. However, the center wasn’t always the success it is today. In the past, it struggled with financial issues and declining attendance. That is until a former professional road bicycle racer, and track cyclist stepped in as the executive director and turned the center around.

This individual had a deep connection to the Lehigh Valley area, having been raised there and starting his cycling career through the center’s community programs. He became one of the greatest track cyclists in U.S. history, setting world and Olympic records and winning numerous championships.

After retiring from professional cycling, Marty Nothstein took over as executive director of the Valley Preferred Cycling Center. He brought a wealth of knowledge and experience in the sport, as well as a passion for community programs and cycling advocacy.

The executive director’s vision was to make the center a hub for elite athletes and a community resource that would promote cycling at all levels. He worked tirelessly to increase community and professional cycling programs, attract high-profile events, and generate revenue for the center.

Through his leadership, the center saw a resurgence in attendance and revenue. The executive director’s commitment to community programs was a crucial factor in the center’s success. He worked hard to ensure that everyone, regardless of his skill level, had access to the resources and facilities he needed to enjoy cycling.

Marty Nothstein In addition to his work at the center, the executive director was also a passionate outdoorsman and conservationist. He worked to protect over 500 acres of property from development, providing better habitats for wildlife. He chaired the Lehigh County farmland preservation board, saving over 23,000 acres of farmland from growth in his community.

Today, the Valley Preferred Cycling Center is a world-class facility that hosts major international events and supports the development of future cycling stars through its community programs. The center’s success is a testament to the vision and dedication of its former executive director, who turned it around through his passion for cycling and commitment to the community.