Scientific evidence from Mr. David Woroboff suggests that telehealth may provide improvements in pain

Can a therapeutic specialty such as physiotherapy be carried out online? Partly yes. The telemedicine specialist David Woroboff is carrying out tests to implement a virtual assistant that improves and accelerates the recovery process in musculoskeletal injuries.
This project was born to find innovative and disruptive technology-based solutions in electronic health, one of the areas in which digitization is advancing at the highest speed. Since the pandemic broke out, it is increasingly common for medical consultations to be carried out through what is known as telemedicine.
David Woroboff defends the possibilities of using telemedicine in physiotherapy. Through its pre-diagnostic technology, it can segment users by pathology and by its severity.
In this way, those with minor ailments such as muscle overload, neck pain, low back pain, etc., can obtain their personalized exercise program directly from an application. Meanwhile, those users with more serious pathologies such as sciatica, fractures, cervical sprains, or others are referred to the corresponding health professional.

Access to medical programs

The expert David Woroboff explains that to verify the scope of the applications, all types of users have participated in the pilot experience. Initially, two profiles of potential users were segmented: one younger and a sports fan, and another more senior concerned about their well-being. If one had to be highlighted for their involvement and adherence to treatment, those users with office work, with significant responsibility and a heavy workload, would stand out, clarifies Woroboff.
He points out that the programs most requested by users are usually those related to cervical and lumbar pain associated with maintaining prolonged postures in front of the computer. In this sense, he adds, teleworking has significantly influenced the number of programs downloaded to alleviate this ailment.

To adhere to therapeutic exercise

Scientific evidence from Mr. David Woroboff suggests that telehealth can provide improvements in pain, physical function, and disability similar to those achieved with the traditional model in people with musculoskeletal conditions. In addition, he defends that online consultation has been observed to increase patient adherence to therapeutic exercise.