Where to Find free TV and Movies Online


Who doesn’t love a good movie? Whether you’re a fan of action, comedy, drama, or anything in between, there’s nothing quite like curling up on the couch with some popcorn and losing yourself in a great film. Unfortunately, going to the movies can be pretty pricey these days. The average ticket price is $9.11, and that doesn’t even include concessions! If you’re on a budget or just don’t feel like shelling out big bucks to see the latest blockbuster, never fear! There are plenty of ways to watch movies for free. Here are just a few of our favorites.

The Library:

Yes, believe it or not, your local library is still a great resource for free movies! Many libraries now carry DVDs that you can check out and take home with you, just like books. All you need is a library card (which is usually free to get if you don’t already have one) and you’re good to go! Not sure what movies are available? Give your library’s website a visit or give them a call—they’ll be more than happy to help you out.

Amazon Prime:

Amazon Prime is a great membership program that comes with tons of perks, including free two-day shipping and access to Amazon’s huge digital library of books, music, and TV shows. Did you know that it also gives you access to thousands of movies and TV shows that you can stream for free? If you’re not already an Amazon Prime member, you can sign up for a 30-day trial here. Just be sure to cancel before the trial period ends if you don’t want to continue using the service—you’ll be charged $99 if you don’t!


Kanopy is a streaming service that’s available through many public libraries. All you need is a library card (again, usually free!) and you can start watching thousands of movies and TV shows right away. Kanopy has an impressive selection of both classic and contemporary films, so there’s something for everyone. Best of all? There are no commercials!


There’s no need to spend big bucks at the free movies (무료 영화) theater when there are so many great ways to watch films for free. From your local library to streaming services like Kanopy and Amazon Prime, there are plenty of options available if you know where to look. So next time you’re in the mood for a movie night but don’t want to spend a fortune, remember this list—and enjoy the show!